Walshs Pyramid

Well here it is. 922m (that's 3024 feet) of mountain with a single long path going straight up all the way from the car park at the bottom to the rocks at the top.


"Welcome to Walshs Pyramid"sign in the car park. Phil said it was the wrong time of year to be doing it (summer time in Cairns is hot and very humid), so we set off at 06:30 am to avoid walking uphill in the midday heat.

Start Sign

There were some interesting plants on the way up.


The rests make it all worth while. Here we are half way up, with Cairns visible on the horizon and the sea behind.

Half way

And then we continued....up and up and up...

Still on the way up

Nearly there...


Made It !!!!! All that uphill battling...and it wasn't even 9am!

At the Top

Another view, again with Cairns in the distance.

View from the Top

Phil had brought his cooking equipment, so we ate noodles with cups of tea on the top. We stayed there for nearly 2 hours....I think we were a bit reluctant to move.

We were all pretty much jiggered by the time we got back to the car park.

Cooling Off

Rope Swing

Then it was time to nip home and do a BBQ for tea. Yum !