Out at the Remote School at Urapunga

So we headed off towards Urapunga, staying overnight at the Springvale Caravan Park in Katherine where we'd stayed a few weeks earlier during

our Katherine stay where there were tame wallabies that would come right up to the caravan...

We left the caravan at that caravan park for a week (for a fantastic $2 a day storage) and then we left for Urapunga, stopping at Bitter Springs en

route where the water is 30+ degrees Centrigrade and the water is as clear as a bell.



Then it was time to hit the road. 200km down a single track road and then a dirt road for 50km.

"Floodway" says the sign on the left. Yeah right...

Here's some of the wildlife out there on the left is a slimy sandfrog and on the right is rosie holding a fluffy ducking which one of my pupils

brought into my classroom. And below that is a croc!


I managed to take a photo of the croc before it disappeared.

Did I say croc? Sorry, I meant croc sausages! Yummm.

So we stopped in Katherine and then headed to Western Australia, more than 500km.


We stopped when we saw this sign. Ahaaa! After 300km of sameness, there was something different to see. The Beef Road Monument!

So we pulled up and got out the camaras and ......


And so we quickly continued on our way to Kununurra.

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