Trip to the Library

Well we had a load of books out from the library. We were moving on on Tuesday, so we had to take the books back today.

One of the nearest libraries was in Kenilworth, so that idea was to nip there (15km), so some home schooling in there for an hour or so and then nip back to Mapleton.

It didn't quite work out that way though. On the way there, we called in at the Mapleton Falls National Park for a look...

and a swing...

Just look at these peculiar roots.

When we arrived at Kenilworth, we were on our way to the library but the first thing we spotted was a wonderful park. Here's Joseph speeding along, right at the end of the flying fox.

Then we were just about to go to the library...when we noticed a welcoming sign.

so there followed an educational trip to the cheese factory. Followed by...erm... educational cheese tasting.

Some time later that morning, we did arrive at the library....only to find

that it was closed! It was only open 2pm till 5pm weekdays. The children were most upset!