Townsville to Cairns

This stretch of the coast is called the Great Green Way and we passed through some interesting places and scenic views. For some of the journey we were travelling right along with mountains on our left and the sea on our right.

This is the Tully Gumboot - Tully is the wettest place in Australia. You go inside the gumboot (Wellington boot is the English translation) and read all about the rainfall in Tully as you venture up the spiral staircase. The height of the boot is 7.9m which is the highest annual rainfall recorded here.

(Compare with, for example, Sheffield in the UK which averages less than 1m rainfall each year (courtesy of the Met Office))

Gumboot at Tully

We stopped at the small township of Cardwell, which is right on the coast. Any place on the coast north of Mackay, you have to be "Croc Wise", meaning always being aware that there could be one looking at you thinking of lunch. "Never smile at a Croc-o-dile..."

Croc Sign

Maybe the caption above should be "aww my goodness".

There was a fantastic tourist info centre en route. "Play the game" encouraged the volunteer working there. Does the owl get the rat?

Info centre

First stop in Cairns. We are at a park near the beach. There's a free pool, play area etc.

Cairns Park

Cairns Beach

Well Cairns seems like a nice place to be...but stay outa the sea!

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