Just a quick update for the time being. The laptop is fixed and now we have some software to add stuff to the website on there here goes...

Well we arrived in Townsville and headed straight to the beach, to be greeted by this warning sign.

Beware of Stingers

Beware of stingers! Rather unnervingly, on the above information, it talks about giving mouth to mouth and CPR to those unfortunates who have been stung. And then says..."don't give up...most people recover". Crikey.

So if there was any swimming to be swum, we usually headed for one of the free water parks.
Water Park

Heaps o'fun.
Here the children are about to head to the water park.

Ready for the water park

Unfortuantely, it wasn't all play in Townsville. The rest of Australia was having a school holiday, but not in Deansville....

School work at the Park

The above was taken at a village near the caravan site. The one below was a bit further from the caravan site

Home schoolin

but had a view of the sea. And the teacher was a bit manic too.


Photo below is taken on the beach in Townsville on a windy evening. But it didn't stop the children scaling the rope pyramid !