Ross and Locke

This has become a favourite place of ours. With the sea having a large population of crocs, sharks and stingers, people opt for the much safer waterholes. Ross and Locke is quite a few kilometers from the coast and crocs would have to traverse many rapids to get here, so this section of the river (and further upstream) is deemed "croc free".

It's less than 15 km from our caravan site and it has a rope swing, rapids and tree to throw yourself from.

Here's Joseph about to leap from the tree. Going....


on the way down...

(can you recognise the blur), with Alexander on his way up the tree.


gone !


Rosie liked it when I jumped in. She always shouted "TIDAL WAVE!!"


Alexander loved the rope swing.


And Rosie had a right old time swimming with Kaya.


Unfortunately though, all good things have to come to an end. And it did today with my sandal! The bootlace holding it together finally gave way.


The day out very nearly didn't happen because Hayley was working at the hospital in Gordonvale and I awoke this morn to hear Joseph asking

"Dad. Since mum's got the car, how are we going to go anywhere?" Hmmmm, good question.....

So I hitched the 10km trip to Gordonvale, got dropped by the hospital  (fantastic) and was greeted by a suprised Hayley. Then I drove back to the caravan site here in Edmonton and then the children and I were all out shortly afterwards and heading for the rapids...

The rainy season is just around the corner (mid-late December usually). This place gets even better then, so we're told, with the water level rising considerably.

It was a fantastic day....another day of fun and frolics in the water.

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