Mossman Gorge

We all (mum, dad, Joseph, Alexander, Rosie and Grandmda Dean) headed off for Mossman Gorge on Sunday 15th March. It's part of a National Park and has great (though cold!) waterholes for swimming and rainforest for walking.

We'd not gone far before we came across a very dead snake in the road.

Port Douglas was nearly en route, so we called in there as it was market day.


We did have a swim, but it was so crowded that on the photo that you've more chance of spotting Wally than us ! There was coachload of fun seeking back packers one after the other.


 Boulders at Babinda

The next weekend, we revisited the Babinda Boulders after our earlier trip was cut short by impending dusk. Here we are all about to take the plunge on the left and a view upstream on the right.


On our last trip to the Boulders, we'd noticed that they had those fantastic freee electric barbeques. So rather than taking butties for packup, we took along some sausage and burgers and bread and onions and red sauce and ..... 3 chefs to cook it.

and some people to munch it...(cameraman definately included)...

followed by a walk in the rain forest and then another swim


C'mon can do it !

Boulders at Babinda - revisited Thursday 16th April

Well here we are at the Boulders at Babinda, back by popular demand - it's just a short drive South from the caravan park in Edmonton down the Bruce Highway.

Here's Grandma on the left all set up for the day whilst we leapt strrraight into the water. The water is so clear there that you take a first step thinking it's ankle deep, but you end up well above your knees! Well, it gets you used to the water...


Then we had a short walk in the Rain forest.

There were these massive seed pods on the ground, which were soon filled by the children as a "starter" before the BBQ. This one on the right below they called "ruddy muddy".


With our appetite whetted, it was time for the main course, snags (sausages) with lashings of onions and bread.

Fantastic lunch! Thanks Chef.


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