Mid June in Coffs Harbour

Well, 'tis now mid June and we are stiiiiill in Coffs Harbour! Has that darn car broken down again ?!?!?!

Yes !

Though it is still also out of choice that we are still here. The car has a broken thingummyjig and the garage need to send away for a brand new thingummyjig, which will take a few days. As Hayley says, we are becoming well acquainted with the people at the NRMA/RACV. Hmmpphh. They have thankfully provided a hire car until the new thingummyjig arrives and gets fitted.

We spent our last Saturday in May over at a place called Dorrigo, where we visited in early May but we saw some different sites this time...

and the panoramic scenic view was not so scenic...

It's good to see that they have a sense of humour over at the Dorrigo Sewage farm.

...see the "lava tree" below.


We were over at the Arora Village fair on Sunday 8th. Even the journey there was eventful - I don't remember seeing a sign for that ?

Lots of rain throughout the Saturday day and night and early Sunday almost caused another event to be added to the program at the fair - the vehicle mud push!

which was the only way of leaving the village car park. A crowd had gathered and I think they were placing bets on how far each car would get before needing assistance from the army of volunteers.

There were some unusual events at the fair - completely different to any events at a village fair in England, though we are becoming a bit more accustomed to these Australian peculiarities!

A display of vintage machinery

sack throwing

a tent of Aussie wildlife up close

wood chopping

The fella in the foreground with hat and checked shirt was giving a demonstration of his 2 whips. He said that he used the whips on his bullocks. At least, I think that's what he said?

We went on a fun, bumpy and muddy tractor ride and the boys took turns at driving a jeep round a very muddy racetrack.

Tonight, (Friday the Thirteenth!), after tea we went to the beach (about 20 yards from our front step of the caravan) for a game of run-from-the-waves. It's even harder when it's pitch black. You just can't see the size of the waves, until they are virtually upon you and washing around your boots. The next photo tells you about as much as we could see.

Then we came back to the caravan and passed this possum fella.

He scarpered rapidly up the tree so unfortunately this is the best photo that we got of him.

Teaching at Coffs Harbour High School is going good, but is very tiring and I'm usually exhausted by midnight. Lots of preparation and marking. Shhhhhh...don't tell anyone but...the children have been helping me out with some marking. They enjoy it so much that they ask when they pick me up from school "is there any marking?" 

Hayley and the children are doing well with home schooling, shopping, sorting out car troubles, car hire and they manage to do some fun things like go swimming, beach walking etc. One big advantage of being in the caravan is that it never takes long to give it a spring clean. "Right...I'm going to sweep the floor throughout". 5 minutes later you're done. And that includes stopping midway for a cuppa!

On Sunday the 15th, one of our pals has organised for us to look round his mates - who has a banana farm. The big industry in Coffs Harbour is bananas and we pass several banana plantations on the way to the school on a morning. So, I'm sure we'll let you know how we go.......