Maryborough To Mackay (including "Rock Vegas"/Rocky)

Well here we are in sunny Mackay. We arrived here on Saturday 16th August, just in time for me to start a 5 week contract at Mackay State School. For a change from the past 2 weeks where I've been teaching at various primary schools, this really is a high school.

I was offered this contract way way back when we were on the Sunshine Coast. It was a really generous offer, so we discussed it for about 3 seconds before saying a resounding "yes". So here we are.

I was at the school today (Sunday 17th) for a tour etc. It's massive. They have over 1000 pupils there.

It was a good journey up here, though the scenery was a little dull. Miles and miles of scrub with quite a few roos by the side of the road.

We stopped off at various places for supplies and a leg stretch break. Here we are at the tourist info in Rockhampton ('Rocky').

which also had a massive sundial

Then we nipped to Coles and on to Kershaw Gardens for some butty munching and leg stretching.

There was some fantastic play equipment...

and a see saw which could seat 4. Which often became 3 as the children played the "lets bounce dad out of his seat" game.

Then we walked to the picturesque waterfall.

Then it was back to the car to drive a few more km for our overnight stay at the road side rest area in a place called Marlborough.