We arrived in Kununurra on Monday 3rd August, staying until the following Saturday. A lot of the film "Australia" was filmed here in Kununurra. For

example there were several scenes filmed at Ivanhoe Crossing. Apparently.

The Celebrity Tree Park has trees planted by famous Aussie's such as Rolf Harris and Ernie Dingo.


and some spectacular boab trees.

The trunks of the boab are hollow, but fill with water during the rainy season. Then we sped off to the lake in Kununurra, called...Lake Kununurra.

A dollar for a bag of bread to feed the hungry and rude catfish. There were turtles too. The idea of the game was to try and feed the slow and

lumbering turtles before the boisterous catfish climbed all over them.

Too many catfish there....so lets try over here....

Ahhhaaa! Gotcha! 4 turtles beat the 1 catfish to the bread every time...why don't you go find yourselves some micefish?

And then we fed the hoss, for free.

After school on Thursday we headed out along a dirt road to a swimming hole at Miriwoong.


Whilst in Kununurra, the propa caravan park (the only one which allowed dogs) was full. So we stayed at the Show Grounds, which did have a

vacancy for a powered site, but was a bit basic. But cheap which was terrific!


At the other side of the Show Ground there was the Moscow Circus.

The Moscow Circus? The Moscow Circus?? But they were in Darwin 830km away when we were. They've followed us here?!?!?!?

And so on Saturday 8th August we said ta ta to the school where I'd picked up a few days work...


...Kununurra town centre...

...and headed towards Port Hedland, but first a week or 2 in Broome - which was only 1044km from here. 1044km! 

Then we spent 2 weeks in Broome. Photos to be added later.

Then a week in Port Hedland.

Today it's Friday 28th August and we are heading to Exmouth tomorrow, 800km away, hoping to reach there on Monday, stopping at rest areas for

overnight stays on the way.

We'll add some more photos next week.

The children are doing well with their Distance Education school work, well supervised by Hayley and I've been teaching at several schools when

we stop somewhere.

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