Strange and Scary Animals in Katherine

We left Mataranka on the morn and arrived in Katherine (just over 100km) at the Springvale Homestead Caravan Park early in the afternoon of Monday 11th May.


The place is surrounded by wallabies! It's fantastic.

They disappear at dawn and re-appear at dusk...and disappear again whenever they see a black dog...


We find peculiar bugs in the caravan. We've no idea what the orange-stripe-on-the-back nor the toilet-brush centipede are called. Any ideas?


Here's Rosie showing some of the feathers that she found.

Maybe we don't know what species of bugs they are above, but we knew what these were lurking in the water.


The Katherine River flows right through the centre of .....Katherine (yep, you guessed it) and also through our caravan park. We'd gone to take

Kaya for a walk and we were warned by one of the campers "don't go too near the waters edge, there's a hungry looking croc in the water". So we

said "Wow!" and headed straight for the waters edge so we could get some good photos....

There were 2. Both lying silently like logs in the water.

a bit of a close up below.

We were safe because we remembered the golden rule about crocodiles...

"Never smile at a Crocodile. Never tip your hat and stop to talk a while....".

Then the following day, Joseph was walking by the same spot at the caravan park and saw this one. Wow!! So he went back for Alexander...and

the camera.


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