Albany to Kalgoorlie, via Esperance

Hey! We left Albany caravan park before 10am again. It was Saturday 28th November and I had from Tuesday 1st December - Friday 4th (more if we wanted) booked to work at High School in Kalgoorlie, some 870km away. We also wanted to spend a day at the picturesque seaside town of Esperance before heading back in land to Kalgoorlie, so we had a fair bit of travelling to do...

As we left Albany behind, we snapped the obligatory road sign photo...

Crikey - another car on the's getting busy.


Esperance is a town with a population of about 10,000 and we were told that it has some of the best beaches in Western Australia. We've seen some beaches in WA, so they'll take some beating.

The next photo that I have on my camera is the caravan site in Esperance. I think that says something about the 467km journey. Scrub, scrub and more scrub.

The office at the caravan site closed at 18:00 and we arrived at 17:45. Phew!

So we got parked up, tea started, tea munched and then out with Kaya to the beach. We were still in Western Australia which don't have daylight saving. That means at this time of year it gets light at about 04:30 but starts getting dark shortly after 18:00. It was pitch black on the beach when we arrived at 20:00, but it was only a 2 minute walk away from the caravan site, so guess where the boys and I were going to be starting our Sunday???



Now there's someone else who likes the beach!

Whilst Joseph, Alexander, Kaya and I swam, climbed the broken pier, dug in the sand and swam some more, Hayley, Rosie and my mum...went to look around some markets and have a hunt for the best coffee in town. Well that certainly aint my cuppa tea!

There were lots of places to stop off and look at the sea - we still can't get over the amazing deep blue colour of the sea. Many of the beaches were nearly deserted too.


We were only staying at the caravan park for 1 night, but they let us keep the caravan there till early Sunday afternoon so we could look around Esperance with out the darn thing following us around. So early afternoon came, we hooked up the caravan, had some butties then headed off into the wild blue yonder...

Less than 10km out of town, it's back to the scrub and you really could be anywhere. We just had to take a photo of these massive cacti.

All those beaches and (quite) a busy town, by contrast this is our rest area for the night and the view from the rest area.


This rest area was about half way to Kalgoorlie, which meant that we could cover the remaining 200km or so tomorrow morning and be there in good time for me to nip into the school, which they'd asked me to. I think it was so that I could collect my truncheon and bullet proof vest (only joking!)

Kalgoorlie be added shortly...

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