Yo what have you guys been up to on the holidays I've been cleaning for the last few days.



we had to:


burn things

fit our whole house into the shed




So after all the cleaning up I could sit back and listen to my ipod. When we stopped off at Rosedale our car broke down. So we had to ring the RACV. Whilst we were waiting for the RACV dad, mum and I played football (soccer). When the RACV came he showed us how to start the car. When we got it working we stopped off at a rest area in Bairnsdale, we were meant to be at Orbost.

The next day we needed to empty the toilet so dad, Alexander and I went down into the bush and dug a hole. We poured out the poo and wee into the hole, whilst we were pouring it in a thing fell off the toilet, so dad had to reach in and get it out. I also needed a shower so I used the one in the caravan. It was freeeezing, it reminds me of when Alexander and I went into the Traralgon pool on a really cold day. We set off to Orbost. On the way to Orbost we stopped off at a rest area to fill up our water tanks. So we got out the hose but it wasn't long enough. We decided to drive into the field (it was fenced off but there was a gate). But the car wouldn't start, so we made our second call to the RACV. The RACV told us how to start the car, over the phone. It started. We drove to Orbost and had a BBQ.

The next day we drove across the border woo-hoo!  That night we camped at Yellow Pinch Dam.

The next day we drove into wonderful Batemans bay. We had to find a caravan park, so we drove to the tourist info. They told us a caravan park so we drove there. When we got to the caravan park they told us that another caravan park was cheaper so we decided to go to that one. On the way to the other caravan park our car broke down. We rung on my mobile but there was no signal so dad and I had to walk back to the caravan park  in the freezing cold rain. It was about 2km away from the car. When dad and I had finished our hike. We rung the RACV but instead of the RACV it rung NRMA. The NRMA drove dad and I back to the caravan. The NRMA rung a tow truck. When the tow truck came. It towed the car and the caravan at the same time!!! The tow truck drove dad and I. Whilst Aj Deano, Rosie and mum were in a taxi, but Kaya was in the car.

Picture of me in the to w truck



Picture of the car on the tow truck



So when we had finished we got to the caravan park with the caravan we had a BBQ



When we had finished eating tea we washed up and went to bed. The next day I got my hair shaved off for the cancer council and the heart foundation. I'm getting people to sponsor me. Will you????

Heres some pictures of me bald.



Half and half


nearly there


After! Well do you like it??

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