Mindil Beach

There was an Indian Festival on at Mindil Beach so we all went along and tried some yummy spicey Indian food. And some...

...licorice. Licorice?!?!? What's going on?? At and Indian Festival??

Well whatever was going on, it looks like the bearded fella in the background wants to be a part of it!

Mindil Beach is reknowned for it's wonderful sunsets. Here's one later on that day.

Near the Caravan Park

We would sometimes go to a park to do the home schooling. Afterwards we'd sometimes go to the (free) slides which were only about 3km from

our caravan site. They were great fun. 3 water slides with differing amounts of twists and turns and one where you had to go down with a partner

on a shared tube. Double the screams!


Berry Springs

We just had to go here again....more sausages and swimming...


Let's see who can munch the most...and then burn it off with a swim.


Around Darwin

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory so there were some rather grand looking buildings. This is the Court House. And the marina.


We planned to spend an hour in the Botanical Gardens, but we spent the afternoon there, playing tig, hide and seek and looking at all the

fantastic flora. There's Alexander at the side of that huuuuge tree.


The Ranger saw Kaya on the lead and said "Take her off the lead and let her have a swim." That was music to her ears. Kaya just did not want to

leave that swamp.

WWII Storage Tunnels

This was a Right Royal Rip off! $19 for us to see....2 tunnels. I could have seen the same thing for free on the Settle - Carlisle railway line.


"Open Daily" reads the sign. That means we can rip you off 7 days a week.

I'm not bitter. Just don't get me started on our caravan park in Darwin.


"Well, we must have stayed in 50 caravan parks on our travels around Australia and the KOA Caravan Park was the most expensive by far,

weighing in at a massive $300 per week"

"And we had to pay for our electricity on top of that".

"And you had to water and mow your own grass and look after your own area. Our neighbour filled 18 bin bags of leaves 1 day."



We did have some great neighbours there though, most of whom were also on their way around Australia.

So it was on Saturday 25th July that we packed our caravan and headed off on the 600km back to the terrific remote school at Urapunga and from

there we would be heading on to Western Australia...

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