Early May

Well, 'tis early May and we are still in Coffs Harbour.

We spent our first weekend in Coffs Harbour going out and about. We took some fantastic butties (sandwiches, sarnies, sangers, depending upon which part of the world you come from)...

and headed to a place called Dorrigo. We stopped en route for said butties and a stone skimming competition

at Bellingan which was full of hippies in the 60's and 70's. Apparently there are still a few hippie communes knocking about there. Kaya had a lark about and a back scratch

before we headed off up towards Dorrigo which is up in the mountains, at just over 1000m. Spectacular views

You can see the blue haze from which the Blue Mountains get their name. The blue haze comes from the eucalyptus oil given off from the Eucalyptus trees which are so abundant round here.

An update on teaching....

I was in the science staff room at the local high school, preparing for my 3rd day of teaching, when the Head of Maths paid me a visit. I'd spent my 2nd day teaching in the Maths department, so I was racking my brain for what I'd done wrong..."I'm sure those equations were correct....had the student that I threw out of the window complained...what about that incident with the compass and the cricket bat...?"

Thankfully not. He called to offer me a temporary full time teaching position until the end of the year. Fantastic. Crikey! I must have fooled 'em good and proper.

We've decided to stay until the end of the second term - which is about mid-July. It'll pay for those car repair bills at least! And then we shall be continuing our travels up the coast and into Queensland...