Coffs Harbour

Well, we've been here for over a week now and below is the caravan site that we are currently calling home.

This is looking down one of the 'streets' on the site. It's an unusual site in that we've yet to see another mobile caravan on there. They're all cabins/static caravans with all residents living there long term. Their children leave for school on a morning and parents leave for work.

Our caravan is just on the right, above.

The children are enjoying their time here with regular fun in the parks, walks up hills, on the beach, BBQ's. Home schooling is going pretty well too. I'm sure they'll let you know via their own web pages. Their colourful pages put my dull "12pt times new roman" pages to shame!

My teaching at Coffs Harbour High School is going great and is quite an experience. Friday (2nd May) was supposed to be my first day, but I was called in on Thursday  morning to teach/look after 3 Commerce classes and a 2 business studies classes. Friday was a day of teaching mathematics to a very varied bunch of classes and students. Monday (today) was an interesting mixture of science, physics and chemistry and tomorrow I'm back in the maths department.

Year 7 science today (bottom set) was like a mad zoo where, for example, a student calling me "Mr Bean" for the 10th time still managed to get lots of laughs.

Several of the rooms I've taught in don't have a whiteboard - they still have ye olde fashioned blackboard. Chalk dust and squeeeaks. Does that mean I can chuck the blackboard rubber at unruly pupils??