Split Solitary Caravan Park

Well, we are coming to the end of our time here in Coffs Harbour. It's the end of term next week (so how much work my students get done on the Friday is anybody's guess!) so then we are heading up to Queensland.

We've been at this caravan park for the past 8 weeks or so, so here's some photos taken of us at the caravan park.

Hayley and the children were out in the plaza one day and they all returned with some balloons. Here we are trying to balance them...in the wind! The children did well, others didn't !

The beach is just behind those trees in the picture. In fact, this is our route to the beach...

walk over to the sign...

down the 50 yard path... (But make sure you don't get attacked by a young lady with a balloon !)

and onto the beach

The beach is called "Sapphire Beach" and the Island pictured above is "Solitary Island".

Whenever we go to the beach, Kaya always has a good roll in the sand. I think that she gets the crabs to scratch her back..."up a bit...down a bit...no no left a bit....".

We are so near the sea that you can hear the waves crashing on the sand.

Here's a link to the proppa professional Split Solitary Caravan park website.