January in Cairns

Well we had lots of fun at our favourite water hole - Ross and Locke - whether we were leaping from trees into the water or just lying around on

tubes taking it easy!


Well Rosie is having a relaxing time of it!

Rosie, Alexander and Joseph made some scrumptious malteser cake made from Grandad Bridge's special secret recipe. The only thing is...it don't last too long. Hmmpph! "Hey...who got up in the middle of the night and ate the last piece?"


More swimming fun on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Behana Gorge. Well you can't get any wetter...


Copperlode Dam is where the water for Cairns comes from and when full it holds a massive 37,000 million litres. We took our swmming togs but unfortunately we weren't allowed to swim. Even though we'd had showers in the morning... Bah. So how come the pelicans could??


There was a good view of Cairns on the way back down from there, though the children seemed oblivious of it!

On a hot and humid Sunday afternoon, we went to the Botanic Gardens in Cairns. I couldn't believe it...everyone was sweating, well the fellas were sweating and the ladies were perspiring, just walking slowly and admiring plants. But the children thought it was an ideal place to play "Bull Rush"! I dunno how they did it.

The plants on the right are "pitcher plants" which are carnivorous. They eat flies ! Good on 'em ! I'd only ever seen them on a science program on a black and white telly in sunny Cross Gates when I was at school. It was terrific to see them in real life. 


 more to follow...

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