Before we Set off on our Travels...

We are emptying the house at the moment ready for vacating on Sunday 6th April and then we are leaving town a couple of days after that. The new tenants are moving in shortly afterwards.

The rooms get emptier...

and the garden gets tidier...

Any excuse for a bonfire. Now where did I put those burgers and snags?

The photo below was taken on a Friday - bin day. We could have filled the bins 10 times over with all the "very useful" stuff that we had been filling our house with (just in case it was needed) - do you have this kinda stuff stashed away somewhere. It all ended up at the Traralgon Tip.

We borrowed a friends trailer to get all the rubbish to the tip (pictured on our front lawn)

That was the trailer that I used to practice my reversing skills with. It's a tricky business reversing with a trailer, let alone a caravan, so I practiced on several occasions up at his property at reversing the trailer between 2 wheelie bins.

(Notice how this is a long distance shot. It's so long distance that you can't see that his trailer now has a smashed indicator, dint in the side and the wheel is hanging off!)


We shall have a laptop with us as we are travelling, though at the moment this is broken. Ohh noooo! But hopefully this will be sorted once we stop in a reasonably sized town. We'll also be using libraries as we travel and we can use the computers in the library for keeping in touch with you and also for home schooling (and teaching dad how to use microsoft Front Page better...)

Some of you have been asking for an area on this website where you can leave comments - I'll leave that to the experts (see note above), but hopefully that should be added soon.

Before we moved out of our abode, we had to get the place ready for renting. Crikey, you just get the place looking how you like it...and then you move out!

With all the things that had to be done before the trip, Hayley and I didn't have the time to do the decorating

So we had to call in an expert team of well experienced painters and decorators.


The job was well done and in no time at all!


Spotted after Walkies

These two were spotted at the bottom of our garden recently after taking our dawg Kaya for a walk. Seeing one is good....but seeing two is grrrreeeeat !!

We'll be in touch next as soon as we can...