Batemans Bay To Sydney

We had a great time in Sydney even though on arrival we managed to get the van wedged at the side of a toilet block. Several grey nomads came over scratching their heads and one feller even said to Col he was glad it wasn't him, great very helpful.

Anyway after a trip to a nearby garage for a jack and the appearance of a very helpful Kiwi named Neil the caravan was physically lifted away from the toilet block.

Whilst in Sydney the boys were desperate to go to Bondi beach. We did but it was freezing.

Joseph and Alexander had taken their trunks/swimmers/boardies and dived in.

Col was starting to feel jealous and stripped down to his undies. As he dived in I had the camera poised, a big wave appeared and in Josephs words ripped off Cols undies, I was laughing so much I didn't get a photo, but he was definitely a Bondi beach bum that day!

We spent a full and somewhat wet day in Sydney.

followed by a day in the very picturesque Blue Mountains.

In the picture below, there are some folks right at the top of the waterfall - can you spot them?. It shows how huge the waterfall is.

Spectacular Scenery.