Atherton Tablelands - the Waterfall Circuit

We had a terrific day today up on the Atherton Tablelands. This is a mountainous plane, ranging from 600m to 1100m. Because they are so high, there are no crocodiles in any rivers or waterholes. We spent the day looking at or swimming under waterfalls. The weather is getting hot and the humidity is increasing as we head towards the start of the rainy season so it was a great way to spend the day.

The track to the first waterfall (Tchupala Falls) was tricky. We had to negotiate 500m of track with stinging trees on either side and occasionally dangling down too.


Only to find that the path around the waterfall was closed, due to Cyclone Larry, which flattened much of the area in March 2006.

There were uprooted trees and a very overgrown path.

Next place was Henrietta Creek where we stopped for butties at a water hole....yum!

...followed by a swim

The water in these water holes has just tumbled off the mountain, but is still surprisingly warm.

On the way to the Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit, we passed a curious sign "Fauna Crossing". And sure enough, there they were. 5 of them in total. Used by various animals to cross the road. I hope they aint scared of heights...


We passed this humourous looking mail box

and then we stopped at Mungalli Falls and spotted this tiny kangaroo, probably a joey nibbling grass. As we tried to get a close up shot, it decided it didn't want to be photographed and leapt from the scene.

Next stop was Ellinjaa Falls, where we had another swim. The water is irrestistable.


Here you could swim right under and through the waterfall. Above is Joseph, Alexander and Rosie after having done just that.

The last waterfall on the circuit was the picturesque Millaa Millaa waterfall. Remember the Timotei Advert many years ago with the lass flicking her long blonde hair - that was filmed here. (Apparently so was Peter Andres 'Mysterious Girl' video, but thankfully I don't remember that !)

We were running short of time as we were well over an hours drive from Edmonton and it was late afternoon, we decided not to have a swim here. Well...not much of one...well go on then...just a few mins...we'll be out in half an hour...


We eventually got out, got dried and were back at the caravan for 7pm.

We'd left Kaya at a place called "Critter Sitters" for the day (dogs aren't allowed in National Parks here in Australia). They said that Kaya had had a swim in the pool, munched on a bone and even found herself a boyfriend! She's been on at us all non-stop since she got back..."when can I go back there?...can I go round to Bonzo's tonight?..."