Around Darwin

We arrived in Darwin on Sunday 24th May to find it hot, quite humid and rather busy. It is the capaital city of the Northern Territory though. There

were traffic lights at every junction (on red of course!), often less than 1km between junctions. The last set of traffic lights we'd come across were

in Katherine, some 350km away. And before that it was Tennant Creek - a further 500km from Katherine!


Our caravan park is in Malak, just over 10km out of the centre of Darwin.

Here are some interesting figures about the Northern Territory and Darwin.

PopulationArea (thousands of square kilometers)
Northern Territory221 0001 351
U.K.61 000 000245

Of the 221 000 population, more than half is in Darwin. So the NT is a massive space with not many inhabitants.

Out and About in Darwin

On our first full day in Darwin, we went to the Chinese Museum (left) and Temple (right)


We just had to try the new Wave Pool which had just opened just a month earlier.

Manton Dam

The following day we went to Manton Dam for a swim which is about 70km from our caravan park and is a massive area, though most of it is for

speed boats, yachts, general boating, jet skis, the Titanic and anything else which floats. (or sinks).

The area dedicated for swimming we decided was not really suitable for swimming (below), unless you happen to be a bull frog.


Yeah, it was a bit overgrown - there were more lilly pads than swimming space. So we took our chances and went to swim by the power boat

launch zone.

Not only were there power boats to look out for, there could have been other things lurking...

"What d'ya mean....can cause injury if disturbed???" We see one, we'd be outa the water as quick as you can say "Never smile at a Crocodile".

I tell yer, the only "disturbance" would be the sound of us disappearing off the beach and into the bush!

BBQ's were provided here and they were those fantastic ones where you have to collect firewood, set fire to it & cook your nosh over the embers.



The bangers and burgers tasted great! After a game of footy, we were back in the water. As it started getting dark, we pulled out the guitar

for a sing song and then headed back home.

Marlow Lagoon

Later in that week, we all headed out to Marlow was Kaya's idea. She'd heard that there was a dog training area there, a pond and an

off leash area. But we heard there was an off leash area for the children (and adult) first to negotiate...


...and then we headed to the Pet Park.

where Kaya could dazzle us all with her leaping, sommersaulting and juggling skills.


Wooooohooo!! Now it's time to try that cool water in the drinking trough...


Berry Springs

Berry Springs is a series of springs which meet to form a creek, is less than 50km from home and is always a fun filled day out. There are wood



 ...which means bangers and burgers...


...and great swimming in the springs and pools.


...and then home before the sun goes down.

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