Views Around Coffs Harbour and Coffs Harbour High School

We called in at the vets to return a towel

"Hmmmmm. I remember that place. Is that where they had those big long needles and those.....take me on on !!!"

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a game of "throw dads boot".

Who do you reckon got the highest?

After shoe throwing outside the vets, we called in at the library to return all our books.

This was one of them which Rosie kindly offered to hold up for the camera.

...and the back...

It's a fantastic book - I've spent from 9pm onwards reading another chapter from it to the children and they really enjoy it. "Nooooo" is the usual response from them when the chapter finishes. It usually ends on a cliff hanger. We first got the book out from Batemans Bay library. We had to reserve it to get it here, from Coffs Harbour library. We had to take it back though yesterday as we are leaving today and there's still about 3 chapters to go. So we shall have to get it from yet another library. Ohhh noooo!

The view from the library

A shopping street in Coffs Harbour

And some views of Coffs Harbour High School, where I experienced my first job as a teacher. Established in 1938, it's probably one of the oldest schools in Coffs Harbour.

A view of the courtyard, playground.

A view from the back of the school. Maths staffroom on the top far right.

A view from just outside the maths staffroom.

A bit of a grey day, but usually the view outside the school is far more relaxing than the view in the school!

Teaching at the school was a great experience, though very demanding. I was leaving the school between 5 and 6pm each night, then doing either lesson preparation or test/assignment marking after the children's story time, for 2 or 3 more hours.

The maths staff were wonderful, really supportive and patient with my many "how would you deal with this....?" questions.