Aj Deano's kwl webpage!


Yo friends, this is my  website. Well my part of it. Email me at alex_in_the_tree at hotmail dot com. Do ya know what I mean? I havn't checked it for a while.  But I will. I can't really go on it alot but I'll try. Here is a picture of me.


Do you like the picture? Well here is how the story starts. I'm  going to write about all of the days. I'm going to start writing NOW!   

We are just finishing of cleaning. It was hard work. Our car went in for some repairs so we had to leave on the tenth of April. When we were a bit away from Traralgon our car broke down. We had to call RACV to come and fix the car. Whilst they were fixing it I played a bit of football [soccer if you don't know what I mean] with Rosie. It was 10:00pm when we went to bed in Bairnsdale.

Next day was boring. All we did was shopping. But then we came to a park which had a massive slide. It also had a huge flying fox. I went on the slide and the flying fox heaps of times because it was so fun. Then we went to Orbost for the night.

                                                                                                          School Rules

                                                                                                     Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be a Learner


  This is our first day at school in Cairns. We were really nervous.


  This is a massive fish at Muddy's park. We had lots of fun sliding down it!



Here we are at my favourite place in Cairns! Ross and Locke. I am swinging on the rope swing on this picture it was really fun. If you come to Cairns I recommend you come to Ross and Locke because you will have lots of fun!




Here we are on Christmas day. We were living at the Gordonvale house which the nurses kindly lent us at the time so we went to sing Christmas Carols for the sick people. L-R : ?, me, Joseph, Dad, Rosie, Colleen, Anne, Mum, Merilynn, Rebecca, ?, ?, ?, Friend, ?. It was fun doing a good deed. 




We had to walk up this massive mountain. We woke up at 6:00 am and got ready for the tiring walk. It took 2 hours to get to the top. We were all really tired. At the top, Phil cooked some noodles. I forgot to mention that they came. We also had a couple of Boost bars that we brought. We explored all over the top of the mountain. There was an overhanging rock. If you fell you'd be dead. Going down was much quicker. At the bottom we went straight home before it got too hot. It was really tiring.



Ok now we are at the Northern Territory.



Here, we are at the Mataranka hot springs. It was really warm. It was like an underwater city! You should go here one time. Mum was scared because she was getting dragged down the rapids which was very slow. Thats whats happening on this photo.