Adelaide - first big stop in South Australia

Hey! So we departed from Kalgoorlie on Saturday 5th December and we had to be in Adelaide by the following Friday so that my mum could catch her plane back to England. The trouble was, Adelaide airport was 2200km away, so we'd better get motorin'.

Now on the map above, there is lots of space and it doesn't look all that far. But it's actually the same distance as...

...Middlesbrough to Rome!

I'll write about the Nullarbor later, but for the time being I'll tell of Adelaide.

We did arrive in Adelaide on time - in fact we arrived on Thursday 10th December. Phew! Adelaide is a nice city - here are some photos taken whilst we've been here.



Giant Father Christmas on one of in the city centre, taken after Carols in the Park...and a morning out at Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. I hope that's given you a good overall view of Adelaide. "No? What d'ya mean no?"

From up on Mount Lofty there's a great view of the city with the sea in the background.

Belair National Park

Our caravan park is right on the edge of Belair National Park which is surprising that we were allowed here, not just because we have 3 noisy children who would scare the animals, but also because we have a dog and of all the National Parks that we've been to, dogs aint allowed there. But they were allowed in this one. So most evenings saw us taking Kaya for a walk amongst the gum trees and looking for koalas.

 Zoom in a bit...

It was such a thrill to see them...the koala below left had a joey too!


Every night though we had to try and make it past the big scary tree.

On the way back from one such walk, we passed the toilet block and heard a noise...a possum?!...quick...take a photo...we were nearly right!

    3 possums!

Ah yes, Belair National Park and our caravan park is teeming with lots of wonderful and interesting wildlife...


Crikey ! It's a redback spider. Wikipedia states that these are "are considered one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia". I told Joseph and Alexander about it (pictured above right) and they came for a look too.

It's now Monday 11th January and we're heading to Traralgon (point A on the map below) tomorrow. We'll be arriving on Wednesday 13th January. I'm sure we've been there before ?!?! Hey, that's our starting point. So we'll be completing the loop some time on Wednesday afternoon, all being well.....

...I wonder if we'll complete the loop??

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